Cherish your vision and your desires, as they are the plan of your ultimate success

With immense pleasure I welcome you to SIMS Hospitality, The Institute of Hotel Management. The hospitality industry is rapidly growing and there is a huge internal demand and growth potential in this sector. SIMS Hospitality is serving as a major platform for the students who opting for a career in hospitality sector have to undergo a rigorous training program and jobs to cope up and sustain the ever growing demands of this industry.
Apart from education, event based and other extra curriculum activities held in SIMS, prepare every student to be confident and become a responsible person in the society.
Success is all about finding your direction and passion about knowing what you want to do. The role of teachers in achieving this is immense. Teachers are pathfinders to the nation. They help to prepare the bright future for students. The skill, efficiency, reliability and sense of duty depend upon the Community of teachers. Teachers should regard their vocation as a sacred duty. They have the responsibility to mould the students both by what they teach and what they practice.
Our aim at SIMS Hospitality is to prepare well-rounded qualified professionals who can match a step in the changing global hospitality industry.
I congratulate the entire team for the admirable job being done and wish the students all the best.

Mr. Bilal Hussain


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